Telephone Banking from Jefferson Bank and Trust

A major benefit of being a Jefferson Bank customer is being able to call us at any time during work hours at 314-621-0100 to get a real person at the other end of the line.

Telephone Banking Service | St. Louis Bank

Another benefit is that we also offer an automated telephone banking system that’s perfect for after-hours service. It’s also great when you just need to make a quick transaction or want to check an account balance. Additionally, our telephone banking system is a good alternative to online banking for the vision-impaired and those who are just more comfortable on the phone rather than a computer.

Features of Our Telephone Banking System

CARL is Jefferson Bank’s Customer Account Response Line. You can obtain information on all your Jefferson Bank accounts with just one simple phone call. You can also use CARL to accomplish the following:

  • Transfer funds between accounts: Make easy transfers with our telephone banking system.
  • Balance your checkbook: Reconcile your accounts by phone.
  • Inquire on checks that have cleared your account: Verify check clearing with convenient telephone banking.
  • Inquire on deposits made to your account: Use telephone banking to verify amounts and to confirm that the amount has been posted.
  • Inquire on interest payments on your account: Find out how much your accounts have grown with a quick phone call.
  • Stop payment on a check or a series of checks: Make sure that you avoid bounced check fees and other issues using our telephone banking.
  • Make a payment on a loan with Jefferson Bank and Trust: Use easy telephone banking to stay current on your payments.
  • Inquire on office locations and hours: Telephone banking is perfect for when you can’t look up location and hour information online.
  • Inquire on interest rates information: Find current interest rates and more using convenient telephone banking.
  • Activate a new debit card or report a lost or stolen debit card: Our telephone banking system is here for you when a debit card emergency strikes.

More Information About Our Telephone Banking System

Telephone Banking Services in St. Louis

CARL is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When you need the information, CARL is ready to answer your inquiries automatically.

You can access your account information from any touch-tone phone or smartphone. Using CARL telephone banking, accessing your account information is both easy and secure. The system speaks to you in clear language. You can also memorize the phone menu trees if you check your account often for added speed and convenience so you don’t have to wait for the system to explain all of the menu options.

The first time you use CARL, the system will ask you to enter the last four digits of the primary social security number of the account holder named on the account being accessed. For security purposes, the system will then require you to select a four-digit code to use in future telephone banking inquiries.

Whenever you need information on your account, know that CARL is ready. Simply call 314-436-9999 or toll-free at 1-877-436-CARL (1-877-436-2275). You can also use our online contact form to find out for more information.