Switch Kit

Switch to our St. Louis bank, we’ll make the transition stress free

We want your business, so we want switching to a Jefferson Bank & Trust bank account seamless and easy. It is the least we can do in our continued effort to show that we are big on customer relationships.

How our Switch Kit works:

STEP 1: Open a Jefferson Bank & Trust Company account at one of our conveniently located St. Louis banking offices.

STEP 2: Next, we’ll walk you through transferring automatic payments and direct deposits. Make a list of all your direct deposits and automatic payments. Please be careful to include: monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual and all other payments. Check to see if the organization originating the payments will allow you to make the change on their website. If yes, please use your new Jefferson Bank & Trust account number and routing number of 081000566 to complete the online form. The below forms may be completed and mailed to the organization that originates the deposits or automatic payments. Please check off each of these electronic payments on your list as they post to your new Jefferson Bank & Trust Company accounts.

Automatic Payment/Direct Deposit Form

STEP 3: The last step in the process is to close your old account. Please verify that all of your direct deposits and automatic payments have successfully switched to your new Jefferson Bank & Trust account. As soon as all of your automatic payments and deposits have been transferred to your Jefferson Bank & Trust account, please send a request to your former bank to close the account, using the close account form below.

Account Close Form

It is that simple. Call one of our team members at 314-621-0100 or come by one of our St. Louis banks to get the new account process going, and let us take you through the process step by step.