Save Time and Money with a Sweep Account from Jefferson Bank

How would you like to cut down on your wasted time ordering multiple account transfers regularly?

Reducing your wasted time and expenses related to consolidating your funds could be easier than you think with our automated sweep accounts.

You can manage your cash easily with our automatic sweep service. You may fund multiple accounts or groups of accounts using one main account. Additionally, these accounts may be kept at a certain balance and all excess funds may be concentrated into one account.

Sweep Account | St. Louis Bank

Our sweep account services are ideal for individuals, investors, and businesses that need to handle a high transaction volume involving many accounts on a regular basis. For example, if you take payments from many different businesses regularly, or if your internal controls make it so that you need to manage many different accounts as a course of doing business, then our sweep account service can make life easier for you.

Call 314-621-0100 or visit one of our banks in St. Louis today to find out how sweep accounts can cut down on your wasted time transferring funds between accounts. You can also use our web contact form to submit your questions, and we’ll get back to you in a timely fashion.

How Sweep Accounts Can Help You Avoid Fees and Expenses

Without using sweep accounts, you would either need to manage your finances manually or hire someone else to do it for you. Using our sweep account service, in contrast, you get:

  • Faster Transaction Times: Our sweep accounts can make transfers faster with less need for transaction reviews since the relationships between accounts are already established. It also makes it so that you don’t have to waste time requesting transfers.
  • Fewer Fees Due to Financial Errors: You can maintain minimum and maximum balances so that given accounts always have the right amount of money at the right time. Set the appropriate levels and avoid having to pay overdraft penalties or bounced check fees.
  • Maximize Interest Earnings: Rather than manually making deposits, our sweeps accounts can ensure that you’re always earning as much on interest as you can while making sure that your checking accounts have enough to pay expenses.
  • Headache-Free Automation: Use our simple interface combined with our personal service to configure your sweep account to increase the benefits to you.

How Sweep Accounts Increase Business Security

Sweep Accounts in St. Louis

For businesses, sweep accounts also bring an added level of security to your finances. Unlike handling transactions manually, sweep accounts allow you to take certain financial actions away from manual supervision and into the secure servers of Jefferson Bank and Trust. You can avoid assigning financial tasks like deposits and transferring cash between accounts to lower level employees and others by using the automated security that comes built into our sweep account services.

Learn More About Sweep Accounts with Jefferson Bank

Cut down on your transaction frustration by opening a sweep account today. Call a banker at 314-621-0100 and we’ll help you to get it set up. At Jefferson Bank, we’re the St. Louis bank that cuts down on your frustration with automated sweep accounts.