Services for Seniors & Senior Checking Accounts

Jefferson Bank and Trust is big on senior citizen benefits: yours!

Senior Checking Accounts in St. Louis

As a senior, you’ve seen a lot and you’ve probably come to expect a lot too. At Jefferson Bank, we believe that seniors shouldn’t have to compromise on quality financial services. We show our appreciation for seniors by offering superb benefits and other special features with our senior checking accounts.

VIP Senior Checking Accounts

The VIP Account is one of our most popular checking accounts. While many banks don’t offer senior checking accounts, we want to honor our seniors with additional benefits that we think they deserve. Seniors are among our best customers, so we want to give back to them with better benefits.

For example, interest paid on all collected balances will be at the same rate as our regular Super NOW Account. Therefore, you can have all the convenience of a checking account with yield that’s competitive with many savings accounts.

Senior Checking Accounts | St. Louis Bank

Our senior checking accounts are designed with the special and unique needs of individuals over 50 in mind. Benefits include:

  • Free VIP Club Checks: Our senior checking accounts include unlimited high quality VIP Club checks so you can pay bills, send money to friends & family, and transfer funds easily from one account to another.
  • No Minimum Balance: A key benefit of our senior checking accounts is that they pay a competitive market yield while not requiring any minimum balance. Whether you keep $0 or $100,000 in your accounts, there are no hidden fees.
  • No Service Charge: We charge no service charges whatsoever on our senior checking accounts. No senior wants the added stress and fuss of confusing service charges on their accounts.*
  • Unlimited Check Writing: The ability to write as many checks as you want is a useful feature on senior checking accounts – especially around the holiday season for those of us with  grandchildren.
  • 25% Discount on Safe Deposit Boxes: Preserve your family heirlooms and other valuables at a discounted rate as an added benefit to opening one of our senior checking accounts.
  • No fee on Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders, or Xerox Copies: Cashier’s checks and money orders provide a secure and trusted way to transfer funds. All of these are free benefits available with our senior checking accounts.
  • VIP ID Card with Your Name and Account Number: As an added benefit from our senior checking accounts, we offer a free ID card with your name and account number to make banking easier.
  • Free Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) card or MasterCard Debit Card: This completely fee-free VIP benefit for our senior checking accounts makes accessing your money even easier.
  • The Convenience of Direct Deposit: Automatically deposit funds to your senior checking accounts.

*Overdraft and insufficient funds fees are not waived.

Open Your Senior Checking Account

To qualify for the VIP Account, you must be 50 years of age or older. Visit one of our local banks in St. Louis, MO near you and contact a New Account Representative to open your VIP Account. You can also contact us by phone at 314-621-0100 for more information about our senior checking accounts!