Remote Deposit Capture & Remote Deposit Anywhere

Are you tired of needing to visit a bank or an ATM to deposit a check? How would you like to deposit checks remotely without driving up to the bank window?

Remote Deposit & Mobile Deposit Services

With our remote deposit service, you can bank with Jefferson Bank from anywhere at any time. Deposit checks directly from your office or as soon as you get them in the mail with our remote deposit service.

You can make a remote deposit using a smart phone or tablet camera. All you need to do is snap the photo and send it to us with our remote deposit smartphone application, and then your money will be on its way to your account. You can also make multiple check deposits at once using a scanner to remotely deposit checks from any PC with an internet connection. We encrypt the transmissions on all your remote deposits to ensure your privacy and security using the latest technology available.

Our remote deposit capture system is like having a Jefferson Bank branch right in your home or office. It’s that easy, quick, and convenient!

Our remote deposit services prevent checks from sitting in a desk drawer until someone has time to go to the bank. This reduces your risk of theft while cutting down on the amount of time you spend on errands and ensuring your money gets to your bank account sooner.

To learn more about our remote deposit and other banking services, call us at 314-621-0100 or use our convenient online contact form to find out more about why we’re one of the best banks in St. Louis for convenient commercial banking solutions.

More Benefits of Our Remote Deposit Service

Remote Deposit from Our St. Louis Banks

One major benefit of our remote deposit service is that it allows us to verify that a check is valid sooner. We can process the transaction faster, verify its authenticity, and keep an additional copy in our computer systems at a higher fidelity than was possible with previous generations of remote deposit technology.

It also reduces the amount of time that you or your employees need to spend processing checks as much of the work can be handled by automated systems. This also reduces the need for you to put checks in the hands of other people who could use the account numbers or personal bank information improperly.

Using our remote deposit capture services can also improve your cash flow by making it so that you don’t need to wait to gain access to the funds. You can submit checks more quickly, ensure that checks clear, and start work for customers faster when you take payments by check.

Learn More About Our Remote Deposit Capture Services

To find out more about the features of our remote deposit technology and other banking services we offer, call us at 314-621-0100 or use our convenient online contact form. As one of the best banks in St. Louis, we look forward to working with you.