Always Give the Perfect Present with Prepaid Gift Cards

Buy Prepaid Gift Cards in St. Louis

Gift shopping can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you have a long list of friends and family for whom you need to buy.

Everyone has that cousin, uncle, sibling, or even a child with hard-to-pin-down tastes that is hard to shop for. Or maybe you need to give a gift to your boss, teacher, assistant, or to an employee who has won a prize. That’s where prepaid gift cards from Jefferson Bank and Trust can come to the rescue. Prepaid gift cards make the perfect gift and can be used like cash.

Our prepaid gift cards from MasterCard come in amounts ranging from $20-$750 and can be used wherever major credit cards are accepted – it’s a great alternative to writing a check and works just as well as cash. Prepaid gift cards can also be used for online shopping.

Do you have more questions about our prepaid gift cards? Contact us today at 314-621-0100 or send your questions directly through our online form. You can also come by any of our banks in St. Louis to pick up your gift cards for any amount!

Tips for Making Prepaid Gift Cards Special

Prepaid Gift Cards | St. Louis Banks

Prepaid gift cards have an undeserved reputation for being a ‘lazy’ gift. While it may take less effort to purchase a prepaid gift card for a loved one, it allows them to purchase the perfect gift for themselves. They can pick out what they want best – rather than you just making a guess at what they would want. No one returns a prepaid gift card, either, and they are always the right size and color for everyone.

Here are some quick tips to make our prepaid gift cards a memorable gift:

  • Give the prepaid gift card in a personalized card: Show that you have been keeping them in mind with a short note that wishes them well. People always appreciate the attention. You can also include suggestions on what they can buy with their prepaid gift card.
  • Include a small, symbolic gift along with the prepaid gift card: A small booklet, candy, fruit, flowers, a bookmark, or a small decoration of some kind can all make a great addition to a prepaid gift card.
  • Include an invitation to go out for a nice meal or trip to a local attraction in St. Louis: Head down to the Loop or invite the person to go see a movie with you later. This makes it so the person receiving your prepaid gift card knows that you want to spend more time with them, also.

With a little creativity, you can make prepaid gift cards into a memorable present for the people in your life that matter to you.

Purchase Prepaid Gift Cards in St. Louis

For more information about buying our prepaid gift cards in denominations ranging from $20-$750, call us today at 314-621-0100 or come by one of our St. Louis locations. Unlike other banks in St. Louis, a real person always picks up the phone and is ready to answer your questions.