Positive Pay Services from Jefferson Bank & Trust

At Jefferson Bank, we’re big on protecting your accounts. That’s why we offer complementary positive pay services to protect your account. You can upload a list of checks issued and this is compared with checks before they are paid to make sure that a given check is likely to be valid.

Positive Pay Services in St. Louis

If there is a mismatch in information between what should be expected from the list of checks issued, we give you an alert so that you can use our positive pay services to review the check and decide to either pay or return it.

So you can make payments by check with less concern about fraud, the system flags any unregistered check.

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How Positive Pay Software Works

Positive Pay Banking Services

Positive pay software works by comparing checks presented to the bank for payment with your list of checks issued. The bank can alert you to possible fraudulent checks. This helps the bank to reduce fees and other costs to all customers.

Fighting fraud with positive pay helps stop criminal activity in our community. Our optical scanning software makes it possible for us to clear checks faster than would be possible otherwise. Positive Pay makes it so that only the checks that actually need to be manually reviewed are reviewed.

Other Tips for Secure Checking

It is important to keep in mind that positive pay software is not a substitute for sensible banking behavior. You should always secure and protect all of your personal and business financial information to avoid fraudulent activity.

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