St. Louis Personal Banking to Fit Your Unique Needs

Personal Banking Services in St. Louis

Jefferson Bank and Trust understands that banking is personal in nature and has been providing excellent customer service for St. Louis banking customers since 1892.

We’re big on customer relationships… Yours!

Personal banking relationships are the bedrock of Jefferson Bank and Trust. This unwavering commitment to excellent personal service began over 125 years ago when we opened our doors to serve people just like you. We manifest our commitment to customer satisfaction today in a corporate philosophy that considers each satisfied customer as our most important asset.

For more information about our personal banking services, contact us today online or by calling 314-621-0100. Jefferson bank has been one of the best banks in St. Louis for more than 125 years, and we are committed to keeping it that way!

Our Personal Banking Services

We offer a complete range of personal banking services to customers in the St. Louis area. These include:

  • Personal Checking Accounts: For your personal banking needs, we offer a selection of customer-friendly checking options. Most accounts are no-fee checking accounts, and we also offer interest bearing checking accounts for those who qualify.
  • Personal Savings Accounts: Let your savings grow by setting money aside each month in your savings account. Use your personal savings account to budget for larger purchases, long term expenses, and to keep a reserve of funds.
  • Services for Seniors & Senior Checking Accounts: We offer special VIP checking options for seniors and other special services tailored to our customers ages 50 and up.
  • Personal Loans: Finance your investments, vehicle purchases, boat, RV, & aircraft purchases, and more with our personal banking loans. Our loan officers can work with you to help you to achieve your financial goals.
  • And so much more!

How Jefferson Bank Uses Personal Banking to Grow St. Louis

St. Louis Personal Banking Services

At Jefferson Bank, we reinvest the funds deposited with us by personal banking through our lending to individuals and businesses in the St. Louis area. Unlike many other banks in St. Louis, we focus on keeping our business in the local community.

That means that when you do your personal banking with Jefferson Bank and Trust, your deposits and interest payments will be recycled into the community around you rather than to a bank headquarters thousands of miles away.

Every dollar you deposit with us will lead to the origination of new loans to help other St. Louis residents grow their businesses, buy homes, and achieve their dreams. That’s been our business model for 125 years.

Jefferson Bank Puts the ‘Personal’ in Personal Banking

Jefferson Bank makes it a priority to make sure that your personal banking representative and your loan officer are here to work with you for the long term. That distinguishes us from many other banks that treat personal banking either as a perk for people with an unusually high net worth or something that banks just no longer do.

We make our individualized banking services available to all of our customers. That means that we can provide more helpful advice and assistance to each customer. We know our customers as individuals rather than as tables in a computer database.

For more information about why our personal banking services are a step above, call us today at 314-621-0100. Unlike other banks in St. Louis, at Jefferson Bank you get a real person on the line or answering your questions. So reach out today! You can also send us your questions directly through our convenient online form.