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JBT Direct Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit funds directly to your checking, savings, and money market accounts electronically using camera-equipped mobile phones to transmit check images for deposit from wherever you are.

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After submitting the check image and confirming receipt of the funds, securely store your deposited items for 90 days. After that, you should destroy the check by shredding it. You must not resubmit the check and/or redeposit the check once you have deposited it using our mobile deposit technology.

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Benefits of Mobile Deposit

The main benefit of using our mobile deposit technology is to save you a trip to the bank or ATM to make a deposit. If you are travelling, rather than having to wait to return home to St. Louis to deposit the check, you can do it via our app and get access to the money much sooner.

The other benefit is security. By not having to keep paper checks around for any longer than is necessary, you can reduce your risk of theft or lost checks by depositing them using mobile deposit as soon as you receive them. Just remember to shred the deposited check 90 days after submitting it for deposit, and you’ll enjoy increased peace of mind.

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Tips for Using Mobile Deposit Securely

Mobile Deposit from our St. Louis Banks

Using our mobile deposit technology is easy and secure. However, under some conditions, it can be difficult for our technology to recognize what is on the check. Here are some tips to ensure that your mobile deposit is as easy as possible.

  • Use mobile deposit on printed checks: Our mobile deposit technology can recognize handwriting, but it’s easier for the system to recognize printed checks, like paychecks. If at all possible, request a printed check in place of a handwritten check. That will make the mobile deposit easier.
  • Use direct lighting on the check during mobile deposit: When using our mobile deposit feature with your smartphone, shine a direct light on the check. A camera flash can sometimes obscure the details on a check. Using a desk lamp or similar light source can make it easier to get a high quality photo.
  • Lay the check on a plain, solid-colored surface before taking the mobile deposit photo: A textured desk – or a surface that may have ridges, stripes, or other texture – can be confusing to the mobile deposit software. Using a plain surface for the mobile deposit will ensure the best results.

In general, our mobile deposit software is good at capturing the details of a check even in imperfect lighting conditions, but these tips will help the process go more smoothly.

You should also view our Best Practices for Mobile Banking Security to learn more and make sure you bank securely with our mobile deposit services.

Learn More About Using Our Mobile Deposit Service

To enable mobile deposit or to access our online banking services, call us at 314-621-0100 or come by one of our St. Louis bank locations today. At Jefferson Bank, we always strive to provide the best online options over any other banks in St. Louis!