Officers & Board of Directors at Our Local Bank

Local Bank in St. Louis

The Officers and Board of Directors at Jefferson Bank & Trust have deep roots in the St. Louis community. For 125 years, Jefferson Bank has been an exemplary local bank. It comes down to a dedication to a simple business model of providing excellent customer service at a great price. We’re locally owned, fiscally sound, and uncommonly responsive on loan approvals.

Unlike many other St. Louis banks, Jefferson Bank is a truly local bank. Most of our customers and borrowers are from St. Louis. The deposits from our customers fund the loans our St. Louis bank makes to businesses and individuals throughout the local area.

St. Louis Local Bank


Michael J. Ross
Chairman of the Board / Chief Executive Officer

John L. Dulle

Bradley A. Locke
Executive Vice President / Chief Financial Officer

Marilyn J. Oberkramer
Senior Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

J. Allen Burnett
Senior Vice President

Stephen M. Bynum
Senior Vice President

Darryl L. Dickerhoff
Senior Vice President

Richard A. Dreiling
Senior Vice President / Compliance Officer

Robert D. Joseph, Jr.
Senior Vice President

Mark C. Lafata
Senior Vice President

Jerry S. Von Rohr
Senior Vice President

Robert W. Zinn
Senior Vice President

Jeffrey D. Fischer

Stephanie Dace
Vice President / BSA Officer

Christine M. Fichter
Vice President

Frances A. Hammer
Vice President

Kevin R.P. Jones
Vice President / IT Officer

Melissa E. Kaiser
Vice President

Anthony B. Klutho
Vice President / Controller

Tracey L. Paul
Vice President / Human Resources

Cheryl L. Proctor
Vice President

Nicholas D. Heyl
Commercial Loan Officer

Latonya M. Houston
Electronic Banking Officer

Charmaine Draper
Assistant Vice President

Kent S. Emig
Assistant Vice President / Assistant Controller

Renee E. Gravier
Assistant Vice President

Felita P. Middleton
Assistant Vice President

Vickie A. Rosier
Assistant Vice President

Rita J. Staggs
Assistant Vice President

Brenda J. Thale
Assistant Vice President

Lisa A. Cook
Customer Service Officer

Yvonne A. Hull
Customer Service Officer

Melissa D. Moss
Customer Service Officer

Michele (Shelly) R. Reasoner
Customer Service Officer

Diana L. Simmons
Customer Service Officer

Jefferson Bank and Trust Board of Directors


Thomas J. Corrigan, Jr.
Director of Construction / Benham, a Haskell Company

John L. Dulle

George M. Eble
CEO / Western Oil, Inc

Richard D. Haberstroh
President / Richard D. Haberstroh, CLU, Inc.

John A. Kilo
President / Kilo Flynn Billingsley Trame and Brown, P. C.

Bradley A. Locke
Executive Vice President / CFO

Jack E. Pohrer
President / St. Louis Parking Company

Michael J. Ross
Chairman of the Board / CEO

Stephen P. Ross

Jerry S. Von Rohr
Senior Vice President

Justin A. Williamson, III
President / River Roads Sales and Leasing Co

The Local Bank Difference

Contact a St. Louis Local Bank

Why should it matter to you if your bank is a local bank?

The real reason is because a local bank has its interests aligned with yours. Large National banks can make their earnings outside of St. Louis. They may use deposits from a Saint Louis branch to fund loans far away, and even internationally.

A local bank, in contrast, keeps your money within the community. When you do business with a local bank like Jefferson Bank & Trust, you directly impact the level of prosperity in the St. Louis community.

As a local bank, our officers and board of directors have a greater expertise in local business conditions. While most national banks may not understand St. Louis conditions, because we’re a local bank, our priority is to have a better understanding of what’s going on among local businesses and individuals than our competitors do.

That’s how we’ve provided better service as a local bank for the last 125 years.

A Local Bank is Safe & Secure

Much like when you bank with a national bank, a local bank like Jefferson Bank & Trust also has its accounts guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). You can still access all the same banking products and great technology like online banking and mobile banking. You don’t have to sacrifice great technological services for personal customer service when you use an excellent local bank like Jefferson Bank & Trust. We also provide friendly, personable, and knowledgeable service as a standard.

To learn more about what makes us one of the greatest local St. Louis banks, contact us online or by phone at 314-621-0100.