Electronic Statements (ESI) from Jefferson Bank

Are you interested in saving time and reducing the amount of paper waste that you create?

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Then you may want to switch to electronic statements from Jefferson Bank and Trust. Download your statements in electronic format for convenient storage on your personal computer and a higher level of security. An electronic statement cannot be stolen from your mailbox, delivered to the wrong address, or taken from your trash.

It also makes it easier for you to manage your personal files. Digital files only take up space on a computer hard drive, smartphone storage card, or a secure cloud storage drive like iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. This means less clutter sitting around your home or office.

Electronic statements are also easier to store for long periods of time. You can use your electronic statements for the same legal purposes as paper ones – you can just print them out if you need them for accounting and tax purposes in the future. If you’ve ever had trouble tracking down a certain statement within a specific date range, then electronic statements can help you to avoid having that problem ever again.

To request electronic statements – or to cancel your paper statements – call us today at 314-621-0100 or come by one our banks in St. Louis today.

How Electronic Statements Can Be More Convenient

Electronic Banking Statements | St. Louis Bank

Tracking all your paper statements can be a challenge. Papers pile up, and many people have trouble managing a file system. As the years go on, paper files can also become extremely heavy and cumbersome. It takes time and effort to archive them and keep it all organized – and that demand on your time only becomes more significant as the statements pile up.

Particularly if you have complicated personal finances or make frequent transactions, the sheer size of paper records can become unmanageable faster than you thought possible.

That’s why electronic statements can make your personal records management much more convenient. Digital storage continues to become less expensive and easier to access as time goes on. It’s also easier to access your digital storage from multiple devices in a secure fashion than it used to be thanks to cloud storage services for consumers.

Switching to electronic statements also reduces the paper waste and decreases identity theft. The best security practice for sensitive information like personal statements is to shred the pages before disposal. Unfortunately, many people don’t want to take the time to take this precaution – which makes them vulnerable to identity theft.

This is another reason why electronic statements tend to be safer as well as more convenient than conventional paper statements. It’s much harder to hack into someone’s file storage than it is to steal someone’s mail or garbage.

Learn More About Electronic Statements from Jefferson Bank in St. Louis

To learn more about electronic statements and the benefits this service can offer to you, call our bank in St. Louis at 314-621-0100 or send your inquiries directly through our online contact form. When you reach out to Jefferson Bank, a real person always picks up the phone or responds to your submission!