Deposit Services from Jefferson Bank & Trust

When it comes to deposit services, Jefferson Bank and Trust offers a complete range of solutions to help you manage your money and investments wisely. We can help you grow your savings with CDs or Money Market Deposit accounts and manage your wealth with IRAs.

Deposit Services in St. Louis

Our deposit services include providing Certificates of Deposit, Sweep Accounts, IRAs, and Money Market Deposit accounts. Our deposit services also make it simple to automate deposits into your Money Market Account to make it simpler to save. You can also use our investment loan offerings to get the most from our deposit services. These tax advantaged loans can be used to pursue great opportunities and to secure your financial future.

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Our Available Deposit Services: Grow Your Savings with Wise Investments

Certificates of Deposit & Money Market Deposit Accounts

We offer a variety of Certificates of Deposit and Money Market Deposit accounts with competitive MMDA & CD rates. These have varied minimum balances and terms so that anyone can put their money to work for them with our deposit services regardless of current savings or income.

Sweep Accounts

Deposit Services | St. Louis Banks

Use our automated sweep service to make your cash management simpler. Collect funds from one or multiple accounts automatically to be sent to a single sweep account to cut down on your accounting overhead. Get more value for your money and avoid leaving interest income on the table. Our deposit services make it simple for you to stay on top of your personal or professional finances.

Individual Retirement Accounts

The power of compound interest can give you a comfortable retirement. Our deposit services can enable you to make regular deposits up to the annual maximum into your IRAs. Our specialized  bankers will also help you make the smartest allocation decisions for your IRA investments and your current financial situation. Stay on track for your dream retirement using our deposit services.

Investment Loans

One of the ways that you can leverage the deposit services from Jefferson Bank is with our investment loans. You can secure loans using investments your savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit, brokerage accounts or with your other assets. You can then use those loans to pursue private investment opportunities – like purchasing a rental property, funding a new business, or some other venture.

Learn More About Our Investment & Deposit Services

Using the relationship you already have with Jefferson Bank’s deposit services, you can make more efficient use of your assets and better manage your wealth to help you save money on taxes and maximize your interest income.

If you would like to learn more about our deposit services or would like to open an account or loan, call us at 314-621-0100, come by one of our St. Louis bank locations, or use our contact form for more information.