Commercial Real Estate Loans for St. Louis Businesses

Are you looking to borrow commercial real estate loans to buy a new business property? Do you need to refinance your existing commercial real estate loans?

If so, Jefferson Bank and Trust wants to help your business succeed. We propel small to medium-sized St. Louis businesses to greater heights of success.

Commercial Real Estate Loans in St. Louis

When you borrow commercial real estate loans from Jefferson Bank, you’ll work with a highly experienced loan officer with substantial experience providing financial services to many successful St. Louis area businesses. Unlike other banks that have high employee turnover, our loan officers stay with their customers for years – or even decades.

What that means for you is that your business is not just another line item in our records. Your loan officer will get to know you – ensuring that any commercial real estate loans that you borrow from us will ultimately boost your bottom line.

Other banks may try to get your business to borrow as much as it can in commercial loans. The reason for this is because they often look to sell those loans to other financial institutions. That’s not our business model at Jefferson Bank. Our mission is to increase the prosperity of St. Louis area businesses, and making prudent commercial real estate loans is an important way for us to further that mission. When you borrow from us, it’s the start of a long relationship until you repay the commercial real estate loan. We work with you to make sure that the terms work with the objectives of your business and your ability to repay.

At Jefferson Bank, we’re big on commercial real estate loans! So call us at 314-621-0100 or use our convenient online contact form to get in touch with a St. Louis loan officer and find out more about our commercial real estate loans.

Why a Business Might Seek Commercial Real Estate Loans

St. Louis Commercial Real Estate Loans

The main reason why most businesses use commercial real estate loans to finance their real estate purchases is simply because almost every business can get a better return on their capital by investing funds into employees, inventory, marketing and advertising, equipment, and other expenditures that improve bottom line results for the company.

While owning a commercial property outright can be a major competitive advantage, for many businesses, it’s not as much of an advantage as other investments and expenditures might be. There are also some tax advantages depending on the corporate structure for borrowing a commercial real estate loan rather than making a big purchase.

Therefore, commercial real estate loans can be a useful tool for helping many St. Louis area businesses grow.

If you have additional questions about commercial real estate loans for your St. Louis business, call us at 314-621-0100 to speak with an expert loan officer. You can also use our convenient online contact form to get in touch with us and find out why we’ve been called one of the best banks in St. Louis for small and medium-sized businesses.