About Our Commercial Banking Services

Jefferson Bank offers a full suite of commercial lending and banking services specifically designed to foster business growth, while meeting the challenging demands of today’s business environment.

We strive to be a preeminent lender to the small and medium-sized business community. Nurturing close relationships with our commercial banking customers allows us to not only service their current commercial lending needs, but anticipate their future needs also.

In today’s competitive environment, most companies require financing for working capital, equipment purchases, or construction needs. Our dedicated commercial banking credit specialists can help you select the right product from our full range of credit facilities including:

Jefferson Bank’s extensive cash management services deliver financial services, support, technology, and information that allow you to efficiently achieve your business objectives in a cost effective manner.

For more information, call us today at 314-621-0100 or use our convenient online contact form to find out why we’ve been called one of the best banks in St. Louis for commercial banking services.

Why St. Louis Businesses Choose Jefferson Bank for Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking Services in St. Louis

Many successful St. Louis businesses know that Jefferson Bank & Trust will provide them with better, more responsive, and knowledgeable commercial banking services. The reason why they choose us for commercial banking is that we build our own business around the success of our commercial banking division.

While many other banks nationwide have backed away from commercial banking to small and medium businesses, we know that the success of this sector is vital to our St. Louis community and to the broader nation. Our expertise in commercial lending and our resistance to financial fads is what helps us to make more effective lending decisions.

St. Louis business owners prefer Jefferson Bank & Trust because we value our commercial banking business more than most other banks do. We show this by maintaining a commitment to high employee standards and low turnover. That low turnover compared to the rest of the financial industry means that our commercial banking clients can expect to work with the same loan officer for years or even decades.

That means that the commercial banking experts who work with you really get to know you and your business rather than just see you as a line item on the bank’s balance sheet. We work with you to help you rise to the next stage of your success. We’re not just there to collect fees and charge interest. We add value beyond just an infusion of dollars or a small business line of credit.

St. Louis business owners ranging from the startup small business to those with over $50 million in annual revenue know that when they start working with Jefferson Bank that we will be there for them for longer than the next quarter or annual report. We are unusually loyal to our commercial banking customers – which is why we are able to help them to produce outsized results, defying expectations.

Learn More About Our Commercial Banking in St. Louis

For more information about our commercial banking services, call us at 314-621-0100, come by one of our St. Louis locations, or use our convenient online contact form.