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Jefferson Bank and Trust offers many different checking account options for individuals in the St. Louis area. We also offer business checking accounts for business customers.

Call or visit one of our local St. Louis offices today to see which checking account is best for you.

Types of Checking Accounts Available at Jefferson Bank

Our checking options include:

  • Regular Checking: A full-featured checking account. Good for keeping money for short-term expenses, bill payment, and more. Paid check images are included with your monthly statement.
  • Super N.O.W. Checking: Pays a higher rate of interest, yet requires a higher minimum balance than regular checking accounts.
  • VIP Checking: Free checking with some additional benefits for customers 50 and older.
  • Free Checking: No monthly or transaction fees and all the features that you need in a basic checking account.

Benefits of Our Checking Accounts

Our online financial management software available with all checking accounts will help you to budget and monitor your finances so you can achieve your financial goals with help from Jefferson Bank and Trust. You can also connect to your Quicken and QuickBooks personal finance software using our free interface to help you to automate your financial management.

A debit/ATM card is issued instantly on opening your new checking account, so you don’t have to wait for it in the mail. You can use your debit card from Jefferson Bank and Trust anywhere that MasterCard is accepted as well as at our ATMs conveniently located throughout St. Louis.

To open your new checking account with Jefferson Bank and Trust, call us at 314-621-0100 to get the process started, or contact our bank in St. Louis online using our convenient form.

How to Use a Checking Account to Manage Your Finances

Checking Account | St. Louis Banking

The best use for a checking account is to utilize it mostly for short term expenses. Unlike a savings account, you can process a high number of transactions through a regular checking account. That means that it is ideal for unpredictable expenses, regular bill payment, and for regular purchases using debit cards.

Some stores and service providers prefer to take checks as payment to avoid credit card processing fees and the expense of taking card payments, so it’s good to keep money deposited in a checking account even if you prefer to use a credit card for your regular expenses.

While not all checking accounts offer interest, our interest-paying checking account options can help you earn some return on your deposits without the limitations of a savings account or certificate of deposit. This option is great for people who need to have some money ready for larger unpredictable expenses, but also want to put their money to work for them – your money earns you an income even when you sleep.

Learn More About Our St. Louis Checking Accounts

At Jefferson Bank, we support all of our checking account customers with the same personal touch as the rest of our customers. By opening a checking account with us, we get to know you better, and can help you to identify and develop a plan to reach your other financial goals together.

If you’re ready to talk about opening a new checking account, give us a call at 314-621-0100 to get the process started. You can also reach our bank in St. Louis by using our convenient online contact form to learn more about our available personal banking services.