Using Technology to Improve Business Cash Flow Management

Are you automating your cash flow management?

Many St. Louis area businesses are wasting time and money while increasing risk by handling routine cash management tasks manually. At Jefferson Bank & Trust, we offer a wide selection of automated cash flow management services at both low cost and no cost.

Improve Business Cash Flow Management | St. Louis Banks

Businesses can speed up cash flow with our mobile deposit, remote deposit, electronic invoice collections through ACH (Automated Clearing House) origination, Lockbox, and Wire Transfer services.

Our business banking experts can help you develop a plan and solution to use these various services to make your cash flow management more efficient and effective. Call us at 314-621-0100 or use our online contact form to contact our banks in St. Louis and learn more about automating your cash flow management.

How Automated Cash Flow Management Can Improve Your Cash Flow

Using cash flow management technology, your business can get access to funds faster, pay suppliers faster, and secure better deals on business loans. You can dramatically reduce your administrative costs and quicken your overall pace of business by using the various cash management tools available.

Business Cash Flow Management Services in St. Louis

Some of the types of services that can help improve cash flow management for your business include:

  • ACH & Direct Deposit: Automated clearing house systems can handle transactions from debit and credit cards and may be used to collect payments electronically on a one time or recurring basis. You can also automate payroll direct deposits so that your employees can get paid more quickly with less administrative overhead.
  • Lockbox Service: Your customers can send your business secure payments to our lockbox service. Cash flow management automation then deposits those funds quickly and directly into your accounts. This cuts down on the time you spend in collections and handling cash management tasks manually.
  • Rapid Deposit with Online and Mobile Banking: You can deposit checks in bulk right from your office with online banking service using high speed check scanner. You may also deposit checks that you or your employees collect in the field using a secure smartphone app, increasing the speed and ease of your cash flow management.
  • Sweep Accounts for Automated Cash Flow Management: Many businesses keep excessive amounts of cash in non-interest bearing accounts because of uncertainty. However, your business can be more cash-efficient by using sweep accounts to transfer funds between accounts to ensure proper balance levels and to maximize interest earned on deposits.

Overall, effective cash flow management enables businesses to grow by increasing the speed of cash inflows and helps the business to save money with discounts for paying electronically. However, many small businesses lack an easy way to determine the financial situation of the enterprise. Automated cash flow management systems lets you get an accurate picture of the business’ financial situation quickly and easily – and you don’t have to be an accountant to understand it.

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