Business Credit Cards – Get Cash Back On Business Expenses!

Do you need business credit cards to manage your company’s expenses?

If you qualify for a business credit card through our bank and our partner at MasterCard, you can choose between two great rewards options. Qualified borrowers for our business credit cards can receive up to 1% cash back on all transactions. Alternatively, if you choose our points option, you can receive rewards points that you can use for vacations, travel, fine dining, valuable merchandise, gift cards from leading retailers, and more.

At Jefferson Bank, we’re big on small business – yours! We offer a full range of commercial banking services for businesses with up to $50 million or more in annual revenue.

Business Credit Cards

Call us at 314-621-0100 or use our contact form for more information about how you can start managing your business expenses better with our business credit cards. You can also learn more and apply online for our business credit cards

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Why Business Credit Cards Are Important for Managing Your Business Finances

Business Credit Cards | St. Louis Banking

Business credit cards are useful tools for:

  • Building your business credit: Business credit cards are relatively easy to qualify for relative to other kinds of business loans. Paying off your cards on time builds your business credit independently of your personal credit.
  • Reducing your risk of loss due to fraudulent financial transactions: Using business credit cards to pay your expenses protects your assets from fraud, embezzling, and theft. If a vendor fails to deliver, you can request a chargeback. Business credit cards also leave a trail of electronic records so that you can ensure that all transactions are authorized by examining one convenient statement.
  • Growing your available credit for emergency expenses: Business credit cards are flexible. The more responsibly that you use them, the more that we will increase the credit limit available to you. They can be sources of emergency funding on demand to cover crisis like employees suddenly quitting, mechanical breakdowns, and other issues.
  • Rewards and cash back: Unlike most other sources of business credit, business credit cards from Jefferson Bank come with cash back and rewards points options. You can redeem points to pay for trips, restaurant meals, merchandise, and more. Every dollar you spend with your business credit cards goes further than when you spend money from other types of business loans.
  • Keeps your business expenses separate from your personal finances: Using a business credit card for expenses ensures that your business finances are kept separate from your personal finances for tax and accounting purposes.
  • Personal guaranties can build your business credit faster: By personally guaranteeing your business credit cards, you can jump-start your business credit, increase your credit limit, and secure more competitive terms. This increases your personal risk exposure, but accelerates your ability to build the credit of your business.

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For more information about our business credit cards and the rewards options these offer, call us at 314-621-0100 or use our contact form. We also invite you to learn more about our business credit cards and apply online. As one of the best banks in St. Louis for small business banking, we look forward to helping you meet your financial business goals with our business credit cards.