Special Business Banking & Commercial Services

In addition to business checking, business loans, cash management and merchant credit card services, Jefferson Bank and Trust can service all of your other business banking and financial needs as well.

Business Banking Services in St. Louis

At Jefferson Bank, we’re big on small business banking – yours! What makes us different from other St. Louis banks that provide business banking services is that we make excellent service our priority – especially in commercial banking.

For more information about our special business banking services, call us at 314-621-0100 or use our online contact form to find out why businesses consider us one of the best banks in St. Louis for business banking.

Our Special Commercial Banking Services

St. Louis Business Banking Services

Some of the special business banking services that we offer our St. Louis customers include:

  • Wire transfer capabilities to and from anywhere in the world: Pay international vendors and take payments from international customers from almost any country. We have established relationships with international banks to help you do business banking with the world.
  • Letters of Credit for customers doing business internationally: Guarantee international payments when conditions are fulfilled. This can help you grow your supply network and do your business banking globally with ease.
  • Check collection services to assist in collecting a returned check: We help you get paid for returned checks by sending them to the bank they are drawn on with a collection notice requesting that the item be held (up to 30 days) and paid when the funds become available.  If the funds do not become available within 30 days the check is returned to you.
  • Remote deposit capture & remote deposit: Deposit checks from anywhere using our smartphone application or high speed check scanners.
  • Positive pay: Get our free Positive Pay service to alert you of potential issues with checks and prevent fraud.
  • Lockbox services: Manage your incoming cash payments, reduce wasted time, and increase your security with payment lockbox services.

Learn More About Our St. Louis Business Banking Services

At Jefferson Bank, we’re big on small business banking – yours! It is our number one goal to provide superior quality banking services to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the St. Louis area.

We maintain low employee turnover so that you often work with the same representative or loan officer for all of your special business banking services. Therefore, we make sure to understand your unique needs, which means that we can go further than other banks in making you more successful.

For more details about our business banking services and to learn how we can customize our services to meet your needs, call us at 314-621-0100 or use our online contact form.