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At Jefferson Bank, we’re big on customer relationships: yours! That’s why we offer one of the best rewards credit cards with no annual fees and flexible terms. We also help you manage your expenses with our best rewards credit card by offering no interest for the first six months.

What makes our credit card the best rewards credit card that you can choose is that you have the opportunity to select whether you want to earn rewards – like consumer electronics, airline miles, or other great merchandise – or cash back that you can put towards your credit card bill. That flexibility is something that we want to put in the hands of all of our rewards credit card holders. Therefore, with these great rewards, our best rewards credit card can make it easier for you to afford some of the finer things in life.

We also offer business credit card services for businesses as well.

To learn more about why our bank in St. Louis offers the best rewards credit card, call us at 314-621-0100. You can also apply for our rewards credit card online and find out more about what make our credit cards best.

How Using Credit Cards Regularly Helps Your Finances

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Using a credit card regularly – and making at least minimum payments every month – builds your credit score and your credit history. Also, if you have one of the best rewards credit cards, it also means that you rack up rewards and/or cash back. That makes it so that your spending goes further than when you use a debit card, checks, or cash for your regular expenses.

If you start using our rewards credit card responsibly early on, even if your credit score is only average, it will improve over time. This will help you to secure an increased credit limit along with better terms on other loans like car loans and mortgages. That can significantly reduce the expenses that you pay on essentials for your whole lifetime.

Also with some of the best rewards, our credit card can also make it so that you effectively pay less on every single purchase that you make. That’s like a sale being on in every store that you visit every day. It increases your effective purchasing power.

How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly

The best way to use credit cards responsibly is to stay on top of your current balance using our convenient online banking services. This helps you avoid missing minimum payments, which can result in penalties and damage to your credit score.

Using our online banking services, you can work out a budget that makes sure that you can stay on top of your bills and reduce the amount that you pay on interest.

Learn More About What Makes Our Card the Best Rewards Credit Card

Call us at 314-621-0100 to find out more about our rewards credit card and why we are one of the best St. Louis banks. You can also use our online form to get in touch with one of our friendly representatives, so don’t wait!