Best Credit Cards – Which Credit Card is Right for You?

Did you know that you can get great rewards like cash back on everything you buy? It’s easy when you apply for the best credit cards.

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By intelligently leveraging the benefits of the best credit cards, you can take advantage of great rewards and offers while getting more spending power for your money.

In some cases, personal financial advisers have criticized credit cards because of the risk that they pose to borrowers who fall behind on payments. However, when used responsibly, the best credit cards can get you 2%, 3%, or even effectively 5% off on many of the most important things that you buy.

At Jefferson Bank & Trust in St. Louis, we offer some of the best credit card offers in the area featuring flexible rewards and benefits. You can check out our Card Center for more details on applying for credit cards with us and to learn about the features and benefits of our cards. You can also call today at 314-621-0100 or contact one of our banks in St. Louis if you have any questions about our credit card services.

Tips for Selecting the Best Credit Cards

When comparing and choosing the best credit cards, there are a variety of important factors to consider. The most important thing is to pick the best credit cards that aren’t stuffed full of hidden fees and conditions. Additionally, you should take care to use the best credit cards for a particular product category or retailer. For example, some credit cards may offer greater rewards at certain retailers such as gas stations or grocery stores. Read on to learn more about how to select the best credit cards for your spending patterns.

Cash Back Cards: The Best Credit Cards for General Use

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Cash back rewards cards give you a flat amount of money back off of every purchase. These are the best credit cards for people who are not interested in the merchandise that credit card companies often offer as rewards and just want to keep it simple.

Some cash back cards may offer blended rewards and cash back programs. You can either redeem your points for products or use them to pay off your credit card bill. For general purposes, these are some of the best credit cards to use.

Retailer Specific Credit Cards: The Best Credit Cards for Loyal Customers

Credit cards specific to certain retailers can give you substantial discounts and rewards that can make your spending more efficient. This is great for stores where you usually spend hundreds of dollars or more each week. The savings can add up quickly, and they often come with rewards points as well.

Frequent Flyer Credit Cards: The Best Credit Cards for Vacation Savings

Frequent flyer credit cards allow you to accumulate points that you can redeem for airline miles and merchandise. For families that love to use air travel for vacations or those that travel frequently for business, this is a great choice, as these credit cards also fast track you for better membership status with different airlines.

Rewards Credit Cards: The Best Credit Cards to Get Free Stuff

Rewards focused credit cards give you points that you can redeem for perks and products through a catalog or website. The products often rotate in and out, so it’s always a surprise what you can qualify for. You can often get excellent deals on products that you can’t find anywhere else.

The effective benefit from the rewards often exceeds the dollar benefit of cash back cards, but it’s only useful if you really want the products in the catalog. These are the best credit cards for people who love bargains on name brand products.

Finding the Best Credit Cards for You

If you want to learn more, the bankers at Jefferson Bank & Trust can help you to select the best credit cards for your shopping habits and personal finances. Call our offices at 314-621-0100 for more information. You can also use our contact form to contact one of our banks in St. Louis.