How to Choose the Best Commercial Banking Option for Your Small Business

Picking the right bank to handle commercial banking for your small business is an important decision. Your commercial banking  officer will need to help you to structure your accounts, manage payroll, pick the right small business credit cards, build your business credit, structure your small business loans, and more.

Commercial Banking in St. Louis

Even relatively simple small to medium sized businesses have more complex commercial banking requirements than even some of the most financially sophisticated individuals. The unique needs of different types of businesses also demand more commercial banking expertise from service providers.

Unlike most of the other local St. Louis banks, Jefferson Bank & Trust is big on small business: yours! To learn more about what makes us a better choice to handle your commercial banking needs, call our offices at 314-621-0100 or come by one of our banks in St. Louis today!

Customer Service Matters in Commercial Banking

St. Louis Commercial Banking Solutions

Most banks no longer focus on commercial banking for small to medium businesses. This has made it harder than ever for many businesses owners to access adequate commercial banking services. It can be challenging to find a bank willing to extend business loans at favorable terms for all but the most established and large businesses. Additionally, many banks do not offer the kind of value added cash management services that can help small businesses grow.

For this reason, it’s important to choose a commercial banking provider that actually makes this a priority.

It’s also critical to the success of your business that you work with commercial banking specialists who aren’t just loan originators, but who will be there throughout the course of the loan to provide financial expertise and services. This will help ensure that your commercial banking loans match the specific requirements of your business and mesh well with your overall financial plan and current market conditions.

Jefferson Bank: Your Partner for Commercial Banking Solutions in St. Louis

At Jefferson Bank & Trust, commercial banking for St. Louis businesses has been our primary focus for 125 years. Unlike many other banks, our commercial banking focus is primarily local. We lend out our deposits mostly to St. Louis area small to medium sized businesses and individuals.

We have helped thousands of St. Louis businesses scale from the early stage to much larger stages of growth. Our specialty is in providing superb commercial banking services to companies with revenues ranging from $1 to $50 million per year or more.

When you work with Jefferson Bank, you should expect to receive personal service at every contact. For example, the same person who opens your account or who approves your business loan will often be the same person who is with you for years afterwards. We pride ourselves in maintaining industry-leading low rates of employee turnover. That means that our commercial banking staff has more expertise in St. Louis business conditions.

Also, our commercial banking staff will get to know the details of your business better. We will not transfer your accounts and loans from person to person and from department to department.

When you call us at 314-621-0100, a real person in St. Louis will pick up – not a remote customer service department that won’t know who you are or what you need. You can also send us any commercial banking questions you might have with our convenient online form and a commercial banking expert will be in touch to provide you with the answers and support you need. To learn more about how our St. Louis bank makes excellence in commercial banking our standard – not just a goal, contact us today!