How to Find the Best Checking Account for You

What makes for the best checking account for your personal finances? The answer is simple. It’s one that matches your financial behavior and how frequently you need to process transactions.

Below are some of the most common types of checking accounts available along with some notes for helping you decide which type of account is best for you. For more help choosing the best checking account, contact the professionals at Jefferson Bank today.

Free Checking Accounts

Best Checking Account in St. Louis

If you do not require images of the paid checks printed on your bank statement– then a free checking account may be the best fit for your needs.

At Jefferson Bank and Trust Company there are no limitations on the number of checks you may write each monthand if you require an image of the front and back of a paid check you may obtain it online.  Free Checking Accounts are often the best checking account if you don’t require paid check images printed on your bank statement.

 Regular Checking Accounts

If you require the images of paid checks to be printed on your bank statement, the best checking account for you is a Regular Checking Account. These accounts may charge a monthly maintenance fee if your average daily balance falls below a certain dollar amount but offer unlimited check writing with paid check images printed on your bank statement.

Interest Bearing Checking Accounts

For individuals who carry a good balance and want to earn interest on their checking accounts, an interest-bearing checking account will be the best choice. These types of accounts are the best for people who want or need to maintain an above average balance. Jefferson Bank and Trust Company has an interest bearing Super NOW account for people that carry an above average balance.

Senior Checking Accounts

Choose the Best Checking Account

The best checking account for seniors is often one specially designed for their needs. At Jefferson Bank, we offer a VIP account program just for customers 50 years of age or older. This account offers:

  • Unlimited Greystone checks and check writing
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No service charges
  • A 25% discount on all safe deposit box services
  • No fees for cashier’s checks, money orders, or paper copies of records
  • A VIP bank ID card with your name and account number
  • A free debit/ATM card for easy withdrawals
  • Convenient direct deposit options
  • Interest paid monthly

Contact Us for More Help Choosing the Best Checking Account

No matter what your personal financial situation, at Jefferson Bank in St. Louis, our bankers can provide you with superior advice on picking the best checking account for your personal finances. Call our offices at 314-621-0100 so that we can help you find the best checking account for your needs. You can also use our contact form or visit one of our St. Louis bank locations today to get answers to your specific questions.