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If there’s one thing that’s wrong with banking today, it’s that it’s become so impersonal.

Most other banks will do everything that they can to shuffle you to automated systems. They put obstacles in your way when you want to get a real human being on the phone.

St. Louis Banking Resources

That’s not the case at Jefferson Bank & Trust. We’re big on customer relationships: yours! That’s why when you call us during business hours at 314-621-0100, you’ll get a real banker on the phone who can help you do some real banking. We know your time is valuable, so we provide better customer service with knowledgeable and experienced staff. At Jefferson Bank, we practice smarter, more customer-centric banking.

To learn more, see our resources below or contact one of our banks in St. Louis online or by phone.

Banking Resources, Guides, and Articles

This page has some helpful banking resources to help you to make better banking decisions. There are guides, informative articles, tips for how to manage your investments, demonstrations of our online banking features, and more. Browse below to learn more about how we promote better banking or contact us to learn more!

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