Bank Wire Transfers & ACH Transfers at Jefferson Bank and Trust

Do you need to send money to a business, family member, or friend? Have you been disappointed by poor bank wire transfers and related services offered from other banks?

Bank Wire Transfer Services in St. Louis

At Jefferson Bank, you may send and receive funds electronically to and from anywhere in the world through our Wire Transfer Department. Our experienced professionals will be glad to assist you, especially when the speed of your payment is important and the need is urgent.

Additionally, businesses may send and receive funds by ACH (Automated Clearing House) using our online cash management system. You can order an ACH transfer easily and with low fees and no percentage charge as ACH transfers have flat fees associated with them.

To speak to us about bank wire transfers or to set up a wire transfer, give us a call at 314-621-0100 or come in to one of our local banks in St. Louis today.

Types of Bank Wire Transfers

Bank wire transfers use an interbank electronic communications system to send funds between accounts across state and national borders. Because of the system used, bank wire transfers are a convenient and safe way to transfer funds.

There are two main types of bank wire transfers. These include:

  • Domestic Bank Wire Transfers: These types of transfers frequently process in a business day or less. This is an effective way to send money in amounts ranging from very small to large between accounts as long as you have the appropriate checking account and routing numbers.
  • International Bank Wire Transfers: Sending money internationally can be a bit more complicated and expensive than domestic bank wire transfers. You can order international bank wire transfers to a foreign bank.

For situations in which it’s too complicated or time consuming to mail a check, bank wire transfers can get your money to where you need it to go quickly and inexpensively.

Staying Secure With Bank Wire Transfers

St. Louis Bank Wire Transfers

While bank wire transfers are a secure way to transfer money, there are some things you should know to protect yourself. For example, it is important only to send bank wire transfers to individuals or businesses that you are familiar with. It can be challenging to recover funds lost due to fraud from improper bank wire transfers.

Be sure that you verify that the person who requested the wire transfer is really the person that you think they are – some con artists and scammers have been known to impersonate friends and family members by stealing e-mail or telephone credentials. Verify that you know the person in question before initiating a wire transfer, especially internationally.

Learn More About Bank Wire Transfers at Jefferson Bank in St. Louis

For more information about bank wire transfers at our St. Louis bank, you can reach us at 314-621-0100 or send your questions directly using our online contact form. At Jefferson Bank, we always have a real person answering the phone and responding to your inquiries.