ATM & Debit Cards at Jefferson Bank and Trust

Do you need ATM or debit cards that meet your specific needs? Are you looking for a bank offering convenient access to debit cards along with personalized service?

ATM & Debit Cards | St. Louis Banking

At Jefferson Bank and Trust, we offer easy access to Debit or ATM cards for our customers. Any time you open a checking account or business checking account, we give you free debit cards so that you can access your money easily without any annoying fees.

Our Debit cards work like credit cards and checks. You can use them wherever MasterCard is accepted. If you do not want a debit card our ATM card is perfect for people on the Go enabling you to receive cash from your account through a vast network of ATMs.

For more information about getting new ATM (Go Card) or debit cards, call us at 314-621-0100 or use our convenient online contact form. With convenient, personalized service and the latest technology, we want to be your #1 choice out of all the other banks in St. Louis!

Features of Our Debit Cards

Debit Cards from our St. Louis Bank

Other banks may saddle your debit cards with fees and hidden charges – but not us. We make sure that our debit cards are always free to use at the places where you shop most. You can login to banking online to see your recent transactions and manage your accounts for all the cards that you keep with us.

Many retail stores and service providers prefer taking payments from debit cards to checks because of the increased security, enhanced speed of payment, ease of tracking financial records, and the ability to keep the card on file for another charge.

The features of our debit cards include:

  • A more convenient way to pay: With debit and ATM cards, there is no need to carry your checkbook, and they are safer than carrying cash.
  • Accepted almost everywhere: Use your debit card anywhere MasterCard is accepted for no additional fee.
  • Savings compared to other debit cards and credit cards: There are no annual fees associated with our cards.
  • Peace of mind from top-notch security: If someone steals your debit card, Jefferson Bank waives your responsibility for any unauthorized purchases if you report the theft promptly to our toll-free support line.
  • Personal service: Tired of dealing with recordings? When you have questions about your card, you can call Jefferson Bank and talk directly with a friendly representative. We’re here to help you with any issues that may come up with your debit cards.

Receive Convenient Customer Support for Our ATM & Debit Cards

If you ever have questions or problems with your card, call us during business hours to talk with a banker about your card. We are happy to help you!

For after-hours support for your debit cards, please call our CARL (Customer Account Response Line) at 314.436.9999 or toll free at 1.877.436.CARL (1.877.436.2275) where you can report your card lost or stolen or activate your new card.

The Jefferson Bank and Trust Mobile App may be used to suspend your card or report your card as lost or stolen. This way, you can protect the funds in your checking account without waiting for a response from our security and anti-fraud department.

If you need a new or replacement ATM or debit card, just come in to any of our banking offices and we can prepare a card while you wait.

This convenient access and personal service are some of the key points that set us apart from other banks. Contact us today to learn more and find out why so many people choose us over other banks in St. Louis.