Apply for a Loan Today from Jefferson Bank and Trust in St. Louis

At Jefferson Bank and Trust, we make it uncommonly simple to apply for a loan. Our three-step web form allows you to begin the process right from your computer or smart phone. This expedites the application process so that you can receive the funds as soon as possible.

Complete the form below to begin your loan application and to get started with the loan process. We ask that you fill out as much information as possible when completing our online loan application. Please note that we cannot complete processing your application until you also provide a complete application in writing. Completing the QuickApp application does not guarantee a rate nor does it guarantee rate protection.

What QuickApp does for you is that it makes it so that you can apply for a loan more quickly by giving us the information to pre-populate your official written application.

Apply for a Loan | St. Louis Bank

Using the form above, you can apply for a loan online in all of the personal loan categories that we provide at Jefferson Bank. Whether you’re looking to apply for a loan for a new or used vehicle, get an aircraft loan or a loan for a boat, or obtain an investment loan, you can have a banker start reviewing your application as soon as today.

Call us at 314-621-0100 or 800-513-0100 to confirm that we have received your QuickApp application and to request a full written form so that you can officially apply for a loan.

Personal Banking Loans Available from Jefferson Bank

Using QuickApp to apply for a loan, you can start the credit approval process for all the personal loan types offered by Jefferson Bank. While it does not constitute an official loan application, our online application makes it so that we can pre-fill your official loan application for expedited processing.

Apply for a Loan in St. Louis

QuickApp allows you to start applying for the following loan categories:

  • Car Loans: Have your eye on a new or used car? Get an auto loan at a competitive rate that matches your budget and walk into the dealership already approved.
  • Investment Loans: Have an investment opportunity that you are interested in? You can apply for a loan secured by your investment assets.
  • Boat, RV, or Aircraft Loan: Need a vehicle so that you can really enjoy the great outdoors? We provide RV loans, ATV loans, boat loans, and loans for other recreational vehicles. Apply for a loan today to start really enjoying your recreation time.
  • Overdraft Protection Loan: Get overdraft protection on your checking account so that you can avoid the risk to your credit or problems related to missing payments.

Why Apply for a Loan from Jefferson Bank?

At Jefferson Bank, we make providing excellent service for all our borrowers a top priority. Unlike most other banks in St. Louis, we have industry-leading employee retention rates. That makes it so that our loan officers are more experienced, more knowledgeable about local St. Louis conditions, and more likely to be there for you until you repay your loan.

When you apply for a loan from us, you’re starting a long banking relationship. We’ll provide you with personal attention and help you to achieve your financial goals. When you apply for a loan at Jefferson Bank, we treat you as a person – not just another line in a financial statement.

To apply for a loan or for more information about our personal loans, fill out our online application and call 314-621-0100 or 800-513-0100 to confirm that we have received your QuickApp application.