About Jefferson Bank – A Leader Among St. Louis Local Banks

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Jefferson Bank distinguishes itself from other St. Louis local banks by making customer relationships its highest priority. Unlike most other local banks, we build our business around fiscally sound local lending. We lend out the deposits that we take in to small- to mid-sized St. Louis businesses. That’s been our business model for more than 125 years.

We are locally owned and uncommonly responsive on loan approvals. Our employees are committed to providing quality, consistent customer service, and our goal is to maintain complete customer satisfaction.

If would like to find out more about what makes us a better choice than other local banks in St. Louis, call our office at 314-621-0100 or use our online contact form.

Why Jefferson Bank Provides Superior Service Compared to Other Local Banks in St. Louis

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Unlike many other local banks in the St. Louis area, we have remarkably low employee turnover. Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes it so that we are careful about whom we hire, and for the people that we do hire, we provide ongoing education and training.

What that means for our depositors and borrowers is that the employees assigned to your accounts stay with you for years or even decades. They get to know you and your financial goals personally and help you stay on track to achieve them.

Excellent banking starts with employees at local banks who care about more than just convincing you to sign up for the largest loan you can afford to pay back. While many local banks are more concerned with making their quarterly numbers than helping you to accomplish your most significant financial goals, we guide our employees to think about what’s best for you, your financial situation, and the St. Louis business community at large.

Complete Local Banking Services

St. Louis Local Banks

Jefferson Bank provides a full array of banking services for individuals, businesses, and investors. Many local banks focus on individual banking alone, but Jefferson Bank distinguishes itself as a premiere lender to small and medium St. Louis businesses with revenues ranging from $1-$50 million per year.

We also distinguish ourselves from other St. Louis banks by making most loans within the St. Louis area. Therefore, our business model is completely aligned with our mission to advance economic prosperity in the St. Louis area through prudent lending and banking services.

FDIC Insurance Coverage

The FDIC covers all deposit accounts at Jefferson Bank, similar to other local banks in the nationwide Federal Reserve System. This includes any checking account, savings account, money market account, certificates of deposit, and IRAs. The FDIC does not cover other financial products that Jefferson Bank provides such as bonds, repurchase agreements, and other securities. Learn more about FDIC Insurance Coverage

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To learn more about how Jefferson Bank & Trust is a step above other local banks in St. Louis and to start working with us for your local banking needs, then contact us today online or by phone at 314-621-0100.